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White Stone: An Aboriginal Youth Suicide Prevention Program was developed in partnership between the RCMP- National Aboriginal Policing Services and the Suicide Prevention Training Programs (SPTP), now called the Centre for Suicide Prevention. The Centre for Suicide Prevention is a program of the Canadian Mental Health Association-Alberta Division. The Centre was established in 1982, and has developed and delivered suicide prevention workshops throughout North America and in Europe. Since its inception, the Centre has worked with Aboriginal communities to help foster the development of knowledgeable caregivers that can assist persons-at-risk in their community.

White Stone, an Ojibawa concept of 'one who teaches others to grow old" was field tested in 2000-2001 in four Canadian locations with a total of 85 participants from 24 communities. Informal evaluations are ongoing; as well, participant feedback, training team experience and community and organizer feedback is reviewed and implemented to improve the program delivery following each training session delivered. In addition, a rigorous evaluation process was undertaken at the request of Health Canada (FNIHB); the report 'White Stone Viewed Through a Cultural Lens' was released in June of 2005. White Stone has been delivered in every province in Canada.