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Dwayne Heinson: A retired RCMP officer of more than 33 years, Dwayne is a Senior Trainer and Consultant with Living Works Education and the Centre for Suicide Prevention Training Programs. Dwayne has over 23 years experience facilitating workshops in a variety of topics and across Canada, the United States and parts of Europe. Well versed in community development principles, Dwayne is known for his dynamic, personable and humorous approach to delivering workshops/training. Dwayne is a proud father and grandfather and a loving husband who has many interests and hobbies including music and golf - not one likely to ever beat Tiger Woods but he will continue working on improving his game nevertheless. Dwayne is well respected for his honest and passionate approach to life and training.

Bev Renaud: Bev is an Aboriginal Community Worker with the City of Calgary Community & Neighbourhood Services, Aboriginal Services. Bev is also an ASIST Trainer (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Trainer) for the Centre for Suicide Prevention and works specifically for the Calgary Urban Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Committee (CUASPC) Iii Paa Taa Pii facilitating Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training to the Urban Aboriginal community. Bev has also chaired the committee for a three-year period however she currently enjoys her position as a trainer working with the community. Bev is also a registered Social Worker with a BSW. Bev believes intrinsically that life is a gift from the creator and is passionate about suicide prevention - "White Stone is a phenomenal opportunity for communities to empower their youth and the participants will have the ability to share their knowledge with their communities". Bev also believes White Stone is life, full of laughter and learning.

Curtis Robertson: Curtis is an experienced educator and long-standing White Stone trainer. He has taught suicide intervention programs for over 10 years and is a coaching trainer with Living Works Education, teaching caregivers how to facilitate suicide intervention workshops. Curtis is a regular instructor with the RCMP training academy, and teaches in the areas of suicide intervention, stress management, and crisis intervention. Curtis has a degree in social work and has worked several years as a crisis worker and as a psychiatric social worker. He currently operates his own counselling/consulting business. He currently lives in Regina, Saskatchewan and spends any free time with his daughter enjoying all of her activities. An avid traveler, Curtis enjoys an active learning process and brings his heart and sense of humor where ever he should go. Curtis is a strong advocate of the White Stone project believing "it makes a difference in the lives of others".

Scott Rodda: Scott is another experienced educator that has been facilitating suicide intervention and prevention programs for over 15 years. A senior trainer and mentor to new trainers he brings a enthusiasm, a deep sense of commitment and a whacky sense of humor to his workshops. Scott has a degree in Child and Youth Care and for over twenty years has been working with youth. Scott is the Director of Family and Community Support Services with the City of St. Albert and enjoys coaching any one of his five children in hockey and is also currently scouting for a Western Hockey League team. Scott has been involved with White Stone from the beginning and when on the road can be found huddled around the coffee pot or sharing a laugh with participants and he is most often known for his uncanny ability to sing Christmas carols throughout the year.

Devon Tayler: Since the early 1980's Devon has been presenting suicide intervention workshops to communities and organizations, the last 15 years she has been a Senior Consulting Trainer with SPTP and Living Works Education. Devon comes to White Stone with vast experience as a trainer, counselor and workshop designer. As a presenter she has trained in every part of Canada, the United States and in Europe. She is a mentor to new trainers and a strong advocate of best practice. Devon has a Bachelor Degree in Social Work and a Masters in Behavioral Science, a registered Social Worker, a Certified Truamatologist and a Certified Forensic Interviewer. Devon always strives to create meaningful learning experiences that are challenging, inspiring, encourage skill development and are fun. Devon is an avid reader of children's literature and a medal winning soccer player who currently lives in Edmonton, Alberta. Devon has been instrumental in the development of the White Stone curriculum.